• Identification of the conceptual design
  • Identification of the required equipment
  • Identification of equipment specifications and dimensions
  • Schematic layout of interconnected equipment
  • Determining required control and safety equipment
  • Drawing up design scope specification

Front End Engineering Design

  • Feasibility study of the external factors of a specific project shall be performed depending on the structure
  • The required engineering calculations shall be performed
  • Specification of the required “details” shall be performed
  • Technical specification of the required equipment with relevant codes and standards for the design shall be developed
  • Preparation of tender


  • “3D model” of the exact equipment or detail
  • Compilation of the survey data on the basis of the “model”
  • Development of production drawings
  • Preparation of production files
  • Preparation of technical documentation (lists of component parts, information for technical passports, documentation designed for the maintenance personnel of the equipment)
Stair tower: New construction in a Denmark harbour needed a solution for emergency exit. Our responsibility was to design such construction, which resulted in the presented stair tower. Stairs, landings, and railings are designed according to Danish standards. As the construction is in close proximity to the sea and exposed to wind, necessary braces and wind ties are included in the design.
Peat package transportation line: New transportation line, which consists of several belt and roller conveyors. Conveyors transport peat packages from two different packing machines to automatic stacker. Conveyors are equipped with weight control and device for turning packages 90° on the side. Product meets packing standard and stacking requirements. An automatic pallet feeder combined with roller conveyor turntable ensures a continuous and smooth workflow.
Limestone mine: After a devastating dust explosion in a mine screen house, all the necessary equipment needed to be replaced with new. Our responsibility was to create several new conveyor lines including supports, access stairs and platforms, new screens, screen stands, chutes, and fire safety equipment. New conveyor lines had to meet both standards and client requirements.
Mobile coal terminal: Design of mobile coal handling system, which consists of two receiving hoppers with feeding systems, tramp metal separation unit, stacking conveyor and crushing station to meet desired coal size requirements.
Iron ore transportation line: Two-tier belt conveyor with three different trays shall be implemented during the Project. One of the trays will be equipped with vibromotor, the other - with pneumatically controlled valve and third – with material flow distributor. Transportation line was fully automated and equipped with passive/active safety solutions.
Gold mines: The outdated equipment in the gold refinery plant shall be updated during the project implementation. The existing equipment shall be inspected and the maintenance platforms, production machinery stands and passive safety equipment shall be updated.
Iron ore refinery plant: Additional platforms for the purpose of installation and maintenance of thee hydro-stations shall be designed. Technical design of the existing platform shall be taken into account during the project implementation, and simple, safe and comfortable solution of platform alignment shall be found.
Excavator bucket with suspension: New excavator cup shall be created during the project implementation. Weaknesses of the existing cups shall be carefully assessed during the design of the cup and critical strength points shall be optimized using FEA simulations. Great attention was paid to material brand and density. A particularly robust cup with reinforced / adjusted cup shall be designed using the obtained results.
Grain handling terminal: Port terminal consisting of two terminals, in one of which grain is delivered by motorized vehicles, while in the other – by train freight. After the grain is poured into the receiving pit, it is transported to the ship or storage bunkers. Grain transport productivity rate is 450 t/h. The complex consists of two elevators, sixteen different chain conveyors, grain receiving pits, electric shutters, symmetric and asymmetric electric valves, grain flow hampering connections, pipes and different pipe transition couplings.
Safety platform: Safety platforms had to be designed for a metallurgic plant. One of the platforms was installed indoors, while the other was attached to the external façade of the building. Load-bearing capacity of the platforms is 5 KN/m2, and the platforms were designed in accordance with the European directive standards - EN 14122. Initially a 3D scan of the building was performed to obtain exact dimensions as well as ensure precision control of the platforms after modelling.
Waste sorting line: The project consisted of the design of 16 different belt conveyors, 3 different platforms, more than 1500 connecting and supporting elements, 1 platform holding the optical sorting device and a chute diverting the waste to different conveyors. The required calculations were made to select appropriate geared motors, bearings, belts, shafts, drum diameters and other drive and support elements.
Rock crusher: The crusher needed replacement of the internal guard plates, which had been worn out due to aggressive environmental conditions. Since the body of the device had a complex geometry, a 3D scan of the device was performed. The scan resulted in a point cloud, which was used to develop a 3D body model. The obtained body geometry was used to model 35 mm thick metal guard plates of various radius.
Mobile crane: We implemented a project, which included design of a 3m high mobile crane featuring a 3 m long arm, with the lifting capacity of 350 kg; at the same time the crane had to be movable if required. We made calculations to determine the required concrete mass of the supports, dimensions, as well as bearing support reactions, followed by the simulation of the modelled crane.
Hotel building façade units: Part of 290 building façade panels with the total area of 4000 m2 was designed; the hotel was designed to accommodate 1250 guests at a time. The project included development of the production drawings, including the files necessary for the production of the laser-cutting device. The specific climatic conditions of Norway were taken into account in the design, which determined the choice of the relevant materials based on the engineering solution made by Skontoplan.
Automation: Immaculate interconnected operation of the equipment required individually selected automated solutions. We develop automation solutions for boiler houses, hydropower plants, smart homes, filling, weighing and transporting processes. Full automation includes detailed design, installation, configuration, programming of management and electrical systems, as well as visualizations and reports of technological processes.
Private house stairs, doors and other custom-made products: Based on the wishes of our clients, we have designed custom-made stair, gate, door, railing structures and other custom-made products. Spatial, material choice and finishing technology factors are considered during the implementation of the projects. In 45% of the cases clients trusted our recommendations to select materials of different thickness and size, which allowed reducing the production costs by 20%.
Cereal grain pre-treatment facility: We implemented a project, which included conducting of specific load calculations and calculations required to select the relevant drive, support and reducer elements. We performed belt conveyor and chute visualization; considering the fact that the bulk cargo dust and small particles cause explosive environment, explosion hatch locations and other preconditions for safe use of the conveyor had to be specified in the design.
Pellet plant BASIC engineering: BASIC engineering was developed and a tender was prepared for the design of a pellet plant. Industrial facilities were identified and 3D visualizations with layout of all equipment in the specified premise were developed, taking into account the environmental factors. Procurement tender was composed for all industrial facilities, cargo transporting equipment, metal structures and the construction of the pellet plant. BASIC engineering allows realizing whether it is possible to fit the equipment in a space of a certain size, determine the lengths of cargo conveyors, length of the cables required for electrical installations and determine the provisional weight of metal structures


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